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If you have any question concerning your portfolio, university application for art university around the world.
Art practice, artworks, idea/concepts, branding, related to Art job, product design etc. or just want to stop by and say hi, please feel free to send me a message. I will try to reply and get back to you as soon as possible.


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About The Artist

Hello, My Name is Anita Toncheva-Niasi

I was born and raised in Bulgaria. 

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Illustration. Since 2018 i have been working at an IB international high school as a Visual Arts teacher in Nanjing, China. 

I also love to dedicate my free time to organising, or volunteering for good causes like charity events, and have been doing these for the past 12 years in Europe, the USA, and China.

I am happy to present to you my personal work and projects.

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Hello there,
I am happy to see you here. If you are looking for the FREE ART BUNDLE with supporting materials from the first 3 FREE days of my course "7 Master classes: Become a selling artist" NOW on YOUTUBE, then that is it. You will find the MINI ART GUIDE and a few printables for your shading and mixing color classes. I am happy to share the JOY OF ART with you!

All you need is to subscribe here and automatically you will receive the FREE ART BUNDLE! 

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Words From My Students

Hi Anita! I really miss you.I’ve been fortunate to have you as my teacher and I greatly admire your guidance and expertise. Your insights have been incredibly valuable to me. I believe you are the teacher who knows me best. I’m now working on my projects, and my goal is to finish the three assigned projects during the summer holiday.
For me,Anita is not only a good art teacher but also a good friend. I have learned painting lessons from Anita,the studying atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. She always tells me you can painting freely with confidence to express your ideas and emotions. It's a joyful learning experience to study with Anita's art class.

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Communicating Visual Arts

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