Visual Arts in Context

During your visual art stidies you will learn Art in context. This is the first core area from any Visual Art major. It’s very important part which will teach you where do you belong as an artist .

Discovering and exploring differnt perspectives , theories and cultures can inform and influence your visual arts practice.

By researching, understanding and appreciating a variaty of contexts and traditions we will support our own ideas/concepts and practice as a contemporary artist living in 21st Century.

Try it yourself :

  1. Try to do a research on an artist or art movement that you like and look for analyses and dicover something interesting and unique about them and the ways they work. Take it and apply it today to your Art making. You can create 1 artwork using media/technique/composition /style you have just discovered or may be you can improve your concept and ideas by adding new symbols and stories.
  2. Suggestions for sources to discover artist and artworks: Any Art museum or Gallery around the world is a good start. Go on their oficial websites or why not visit them personally. You can take notes; ask for free broshures or even by a booklet.





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